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To maximize our customer’s performance and minimize the possibility of injury in the sport of hockey.


Professional Skate Service Calgary was founded in 1972 as a family owned and operated business with one small location in the southwest, specializing in the figure skating industry. Upon mastering one sector of the skating world, Professional Skate Service broadened its customer base and expanded into the hockey industry in the 1990’s. After proving many years of exceptional service and extensive product knowledge in both the figure skating and hockey areas, Professional Skate Service grew to meet the demands of it’s customers expanding to include a goalie only location in 2006.


Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Friday: 10am-7pm

Saturday: 9am-5pm

Sunday: 11am-5pm

CCM Tacks SuperTacks AS1 Stick

The new SuperTacks AS1 pushes the boundaries of performance and will become the new standard for Mid-Kick point sticks. The stiffness profile has been revisited to maximize loading while providing great stability and control. Not only can players benefit from a great, powerful stick, the feel has been substantially improved. The new X-Flow technology allows for a 10g weight reduction while improving compaction for better durability.

Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Stick

The all new NEXUS 2N PRO is our most versatile stick created to give you an edge in any situation. With our exclusive Sweet-Spot technology, this stick is designed for an effortless release and is combined with the new R-LTE blade system, our most popular NHL blade core. Combine those technologies with our new DuraFlex resin system, allowing you to lean more into your shot without hesitation, making the game easier than ever before.

Bauer ID Custom Skates

Optimal-fitting skates are crucial to on-ice performance. With BAUER 3D Skate Lab technology, powered by Volumental, players are exposed to the most scientifically accurate measurement system on the market, which includes analytics of the length, width and depth characteristics of your foot profile.

Come in and see us to get your foot scanned.

CCM Custom Skate Scanner

Get Fit Like a Pro with the all new CCM 3D Fit Scanner! Designed to give us an extremely accurate measurement of your foot to help us determine the best-possible fit for your game.

“The crew at Pro Skate are basically an extension of our family.  After all, our boys have pretty much grown up in the store…

They love going to see Josh, Murf and the boys…  They suit us up head to toe, and there’s no better place to go!

On one pre-season visit, we had intended to buy new skates for both boys…  But the crew at PSS told us that one of our boys DIDN’T need new skates yet…  He told us that our little guy could get another 6 months out of his current skates…  That’s what I call honest & valuable service.

Now our boys are 9 & 11 and a trip to Pro Skate is always something we look forward to.

I just wished our kids would listen to us as intently as they do to the guys at Pro Skate!”
Dan Pilling
“A few years ago I had the fortune of being introduced to Professional Skate Service. I had been familiar with the store for years but had never actually shopped there before. I had always shopped at the big box and chain stores, and had come to accept the level of service that comes with that shopping experience. My shopping experience at Professional Skate Service quickly made me realize what I was missing. The product knowledge and attention to detail at Professional Skate service was beyond what I could have imagined. My then 6 year old son had always struggled with his tight turn to his right side, and I had no idea why he was struggling. The staff at Professional Skate Service first took the time to find the right make and model of skate for the shape of his foot, then spent the time to check the alignment (how his feet struck as he walked). They noticed that my sons right foot fell inward and took a few minutes to shim the holder of his skate to compensate. The very next practice my sons tight turn to his right had drastically improved. Such a small detail made such a massive difference. The difference is that at Professional Skate Service that is what you get, real service by real professionals. The staff at Professional Skate Service are hockey players, not just guys who play hockey, and there is a big difference. Thanks fellas for all of your knowledge and expertise.”
Devin Graw
“Working with Jim Mclean and the staff from Professional Skate on numerous very large orders and many small orders I have realized one thing…there is zero chance any of the apparel orders would have went as smooth and as flawless without their expertise and attention to detail, as they did.  Our group is demanding and without Jim on his end we would have faced many difficulties in the apparel world over the years.  We have dealt with other company’s in the past but none make ordering apparel smoother.  We will continue to use Professional Skate due to their ability to keep timelines and give our teams the best possible pricing.  Thanks again Jim!”
J.B. Havoc Hockey
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pro Skate and especially Jim Mclean for the excellent service and one on one service. All our ccm/reebok equipment was on time and Jim took the time to make sure all our clothing was exactly what we needed. We look forward to working with Pro Skate and Jim in the future.”
SAIT Women's Hockey Team