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To maximize our customer’s performance and minimize the possibility of injury in the sport of hockey.

Professional Skate Service Calgary was founded in 1972 as a family owned and operated business with one small location in the southwest, specializing in the figure skating industry. Upon mastering one sector of the skating world, Professional Skate Service broadened its customer base and expanded into the hockey industry in the 1990’s. After proving many years of exceptional service and extensive product knowledge in both the figure skating and hockey areas, Professional Skate Service grew to meet the demands of it’s customers expanding to include a goalie only location in 2006.

As an added service in 2013 we expanded into Team & Corporate Sales to service all our customers team needs as well. Backed with over 47 years of experience and 2 locations to serve you better, Professional Skate Service is still a family owned and operated local business. At our stores you will experience a high level of customer service from staff that have a passion and expertise for the sport. We are honest and dedicated to servicing all your figure skating and hockey needs. We believe that through service and knowledge we can maximize each customer’s performance and minimize the possibility of injury in the sport of hockey and figure skating. Come in and let us give you the edge!

Josh Esler

General Manager/Owner

Team Sales

Favorite Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Josh has always had a strong passion for the game of hockey. He played his junior hockey carer as a goalie in Saskatchewan. He joined the Professional Skate family in 1997 as an employee and eventually took over the family business.  Josh is a strong supporter of grass roots hockey in Calgary and the surrounding communities. He has a keen interest in the developments in the hockey industry and with his experience he has been chosen to be on various manufacture advisory boards. Currently he is one of the selected 5 individuals on the Sports Excellence hockey committee. This committee works closely with manufactures to help create unique product offerings for the Sports Excellence members. Complimentary to his passion for business, is his drive to find ways to help the community through hockey. His most recent accomplishments include playing in not only one but both of the World’s Longest Hockey Games. He is a Guinness World record holder but more importantly he was part of a team of 40 players that has raised close to 5 million dollars for the Alberta Children`s hospital. When not at work Josh enjoys Golfing and coaching his son’s hockey team. Josh and his wife, Melissa are always busy with their three little boys.

Rick Murphy

Hockey Manager

Favorite Team: Edmonton Oilers & Team Canada

Rick is one of our longest standing team members. He has almost 20 years’ experience at Professional Skate. He acquired his vast hockey knowledge from leaning the industry from the roots up. He lives and breathes hockey. Rick’s philosophy is to keep things simple and resorts to the simplest solution first, from your skates all the way to your stick. When not at work you will find Rick playing hockey on various rec hockey teams and spending time with his wife and 2 daughters.

Cody Spencer

Hockey Skate Tech

Favorite  Team:

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