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At Professional Skate Service we are passionate about hockey!  We take pride in offering our customers the highest level of customer service and honest expert advise on anything Hockey.  We are a one stop shop for all your hockey needs.  From our expert skate fittings to precise skate sharpening, our staff are the best in the business and are always available to service your Hockey needs from head to skate and everything in between. We eat, sleep and breathe Hockey.

Our services include:

  • skate sharpening
  • blade profiling
  • skate fitting
  • blade alignment
  • power (boot ) stretching
  • custom boot fittings
  • bubble pressing
  • equipment repairs
  • patching and glove re-palming
  • And much more!!
  • Please feel free to send us an email  or come in if you have any other service needs.

Hockey Fitting Guide:

Hockey may be the greatest game on Earth, but it is also one of toughest. The right equipment and the right fit are critical to maximize performance and minimize the possibility of injury. 

It is important to note a few things that should NOT guide your purchases:

Price Alone Does Not Make it Right. Many assume that the higher the price of an item, the better the equipment is. There is a correlation, but it is not necessarily perfect. It is true that higher priced merchandise generally can incorporate lighter or stronger materials, but this is no assurance that it is right for the player.

Improper Fit Ruins Quality. A player’s protection and performance is enhanced more by proper fit than by the underlying quality of the product. While both quality and fit are important, a close fitting low-end helmet will generally protect a player better than an ill-fitting, high-end helmet. A low-end skate that provided good heel lock will outperform a high-end skate that is a size too large.

Size Does Matter. Even ignoring the specific fit of the piece of equipment, what suits a six year old does not suit a seventeen year old. As players age they skate faster, the shots get harder, and the distance to the ice gets longer. As skills rise, there are fewer accidents, but everything happens harder and faster.

All Things Are Not Created Equal. Some equipment is just more important than others. From a safety standpoint, helmets are critical at every age, whereas, for a youth player there are almost no safety reasons to choose one glove over another.

Team & Corporate Program

Professional Skate Service has provided team services for the past 5 years for a multitude of teams, associations and corporate leaders. We do not see these opportunities as mere agreements but more so a relationship that we value and take pride in. We have the necessary resources, manpower, systems and processes to meet the needs of your group’s requirements. One of the major advantages of Professional Skate Service is our dedication to customer service and our working relationships with all hockey manufactures and industry leaders. From the beginning of the order process we will take care of the requirements needed including the delivery of the product right to your doors.

Being in the business since 1972 Professional Skate Service can offer industry expertise and superior customer support.

At Professional Skate Service we are well versed in the processes that needs to take place in order to successfully fulfill team and corporate requirements. In addition we work directly with manufacturers on a daily basis and have an excellent line of communication with them. We understand not only timelines for equipment and apparel needs, but we also have intimate knowledge of the manufacturer’s timelines for product delivery, product durability and product performance.

Professional Skate Service is a hockey focused, high performance provider that specializes in outfitting teams, associations, schools and corporate leaders. Whether your group is looking for custom products or industry stock items, let us provide you our team services.

Please contact Josh at josh@psscalgary.com or 403-243-3663 ext.106 for inquires.